Are you ready to Level Up your life?

















As Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness says "Know what you want and ask what is it going to take to get everything I ever truly desire”-Gary Douglas


Not sure what to ASK for?! ASK for...EVERYTHING!! 🚀


What would 3 months of ASKing questions and creating targets create for YOU, YOUR LIFE, RELATIONSHIP, BODY and your BUSINESS?


Do you have a BIG Ask? Do you have targets? What would you like to create in 2020?


Have you ever wondered what questions and targets you could ask to create for YOU, YOUR LIFE, RELATIONSHIP, BODY and your BUSINESS?



A space where you are provided with all the tools required to receive greater in every area of your life!


The 3 month program is facilitated by Becky Vannes, CF with Access Consciousness tools and pragmatic to actually apply what we are creating to our lives..


Would you like to ask questions each day just not sure what to ASK or how to even start?!


Would you like to stay in question with your YOU, YOUR LIFE, RELATIONSHIP, BODY and your BUSINESS and receive each month…

Zoom Call (1 a month)

Audios & PDF

Zoom Call

Private Group (FB Lives)


Pragmatic tools to apply for topic- (excel sheet, suggested systems, apps, calendar and more…) to help with this and to have to use as much as you require?


Are you willing to commit to YOU and have your own back going into 2020?


Join Becky Vannes for 3 months filled with questions, designed to create explosive creation, and dynamic possibilities, in YOU, YOUR LIFE, RELATIONSHIP, BODY and your BUSINESS..


These 3 months of asking questions are a rocket ship ride into YOU & YOUR life – and having more, play, and EJG with creation than you can imagine that take us all beyond what we can ever image possible to create as our life and business!


Are you Ready to Change the Way You Play with Money, Business, your Body, relationship and Life!!!


Have you Been Asking Lately for Something More, and/or Perceiving Something More Is Available Now to YOU?!!


Is Now the Time to Really, Really Level UP?!?


Are you willing to have ALL areas in Your Life LEVEL UP?!?


Have you been demanding to be, do, have, create and generate more in every area of your life!??!


Do you know that there is a universe of possibilities available... but you’re not entirely sure what you need to choose, be or do different to start receiving, creating and having it?


What if having it was way easier than you thought? Would you like to clear ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that doesn't allow you this choice for more possibilities?!?


Is it time to change that?

Answer: Yes!


If you got a YES!!! Welcome to the CREATION ACADEMY that can change the way you create

anything and everything with your choice!


But, how you may ask?!


The playground awaits YOU! Lets Play!!


Month 1- Business, Debt ( how to create wealth, classes and CF)

Month 2 – Body, Relationships

Month 3- Level Up 2020



Facilitated by: Becky Vannes, CF

Date: November 1, 2019- January 31, 2020

Cost: $99.00 per month (paid in advanced $250)

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Becky is a published author, International speaker, content creator, and mindset coach. She is an entrepreneur and founder of four companies: MBV Pro Marketing (consumer insight and social media advertising, new product development), Gulf Coast Research (medical and clinical trials), and Oracle Publishing. Becky is also an Access Consciousness certified facilitator.

Becky Vannes